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Chairman Of The Board

Laetitia Mabebu

Laetitia Kibonge  Born in Congo (DRC) Became Miss Congo USA in 2005 then started a charity to help give a better opportunity to children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who live on the streets. She then  earned her Business Law Degree at Washington Adventist University and went on to become an Entrepreneur and founded the Mzcongo Talent Agency to help  young artist discover their hidden talent. In 2017 she wrote a book about her journey to America. She is a Wife, a Mother and an activist for the children of the DRC

Erika Pezzela

Vice Chair

Erika Pezzella lived in the Democratic republic of Congo for seven years, after which she lived in South Africa, Kenya, and Zambia where she earned her Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Communications. In 2005, she started a successful event planning buisiness; she is also a real estate agent and investor.

She has been involved in many organizations, in particular the MBC Justice ministry which fights against violence towards women and children in third world countries, with a particular focus on exploited girls and women.  She is an active advocate for human rights and mentor for young girls and women in Lusaka, Zambia.


Joseph Mbangu was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where he studied law at the Catholic University of Bukavu and the University of Lubumbashi. Joseph earned a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Trade Law from the University of Arizona Law School where he wrote his thesis on the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and its effects on textiles issuing from sub-Saharan Africa. Upon moving to New York in 2007, he worked as a consultant various NGOs and international organizations. He is an accomplished speaker, holding dozens of engagements across the US on the conflict and post-conflict situations in the Great Lakes region of Africa. He has been a featured participant in many forums on issues related to the ongoing crisis in the DRC with a focus on the field of human rights law, especially as it pertains to the Great Lakes Region, addressing topics concerning gender based violence, the use of child soldiers, the care of street children and the linkages between the illegal exploitation of minerals in the DRC and funding to fuel conflicts in the region. Joseph constantly advocates and gives a voice for sustainable peace in the Great Lakes region of Africa in general, and his native DRC in particular, through development and economic empowerment.

Joseph Mbagu, LLM


Sirpatrick Iwu MS H.Ed

Managing Partner  

Director of Media Operations 

Sirpatrick Iwu also known as the “Godfather of Behavior Modification” was born August 21, 1987, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sirpatrick is a first generation America with his family from Nigeria. Surviving less than humble beginnings aligned with a mother challenged with an addiction to crack cocaine. Sirpatrick went to college to earn his degree in Business Administration.  Although this was a difficult task with him arriving in college on third-grade reading, he returned to college to earn a masters in Higher Education. After traveling a spiritual journey, he discovered where his issues originated from. He came to understand that Behavior Modification is Key to life’s physical, spiritual, and mental wealth. After mastering the art of Behavior Modification, Sirpatrick has aligned himself with multiple business ventures. Through Sirpatrick practices of facilitating Hybrid Media Experiences, Sirpatrick’s is able to conduct his work through is passion. 

“I cannot guarantee that everyone will survive, but I know for sure I can save at least one life.” - Sirpatrick Iwu 

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