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Our Purpose


Our primary goal is to fight against child prostitution and improve the life of neglected orphans primarily in the capital of Congo, Kinshasa. We aim to give a second chance to those who feel that there is no other way out of poverty. We want to elevate the confidence of the less fortunate and give them hope again

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We are currently renting. As we rent we provide the children with school materials and equipment’s like computers to help the children with their school work. 


We take care of all of kids needs including but not limited to, medical care, food, clothing, transportation, extracurricular activities  and more.

PROJECT Education

​We want to give the children a clear sense of life so they can be prepared for the real world. We believe that by providing them with activities that will enhance their education and their way of thinking, will help them once they get into adulthood



Our Mission is to Save the children of Kinshasa one step at a time​ by provide education, Housing, Medical care and providing them with the best life as possible.

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PROJECT Construction

MzCongo Foundation is raising funds to buy land where we would build a compound which will have 5-bedroom apartments in each apartment building. That way each apartment house will host 10 children and two house keppers. Our long-term goal is to house over 100 children in addition to keep building these compounds across the DRC.


Due to the financial reality of the agency, we can only afford to rent now so that the children of MCF can have a place to call home. We believe that one step at a time we will be able to accomplish our goals.

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​We provide hands on experience activities that can help the children choose what they want to become when they grow up by providing the following classes; sewing, dance, singing, music, sports, etc.

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